Speed Typing Game

In winter session 2007/2008 we were dealing with OpenGL and C++. One of our tasks was to build a 3D computer game. At first I called my game "SpongeBob's Words" but changed it to "Speed Typing" later on because of the copyright.

The game is quite easy, the player has to enter the word which is showing up. During the countdown the error rate is calculated.

I have put the source code online (comments are in German), please see: Speed Typing Game C++ Prototype - All the source code (PDF) or download from here.

Below is a short clip showing you how the little typing game looks like. You see graphical elements like particles, the rotating cube, reflection, as well as the letters bottom right that are typed in by the player.

End screen: Punkte = points | Sekunden pro Wort = seconds per word | 24 von 25 Woertern richtig = 24 of 25 words correct | Fehlerquote = error rate | 252 Anschlaege pro Minute = 252 strokes per minute

Download of the Game
You can download the game including all the source code here:
2008-01-19-SpongeBobsWords.zip or use the mirror

* Feel free to build your own game upon my code!

Time spent on project: up to 70 hours

How to Start the Game
1. Download the zip-File.
2. Unzip it.
3. Navigate to the folder \SpongeBobsWords\run\
4. Find the SpeedTypingGame.exe - double click & game starts.


Tzar hat gesagt…
hi, I can't compile the game, it is looking for glut.h
Kajus hat gesagt…
You can download the appropriate files for windows at e.g. ftp://ftp.sgi.com/sgi/opengl/glut (download the glutdlls.zip file). This contains the necessary files (glut.h, glut32.lib, glut32.dll) which are necessary to run and compile the Windows programs. Move the glut32.dll file into the C:\Windows\system32 folder. Then the compiler should work.
Tzar hat gesagt…
it is also looking for gl.h
Kajus hat gesagt…
Download and extract http://download.microsoft.com/download/win95upg/info/1/W95/EN-US/Opengl95.exe

There you will find \INCLUDE\GL\gl.h
Tzar hat gesagt…
Thanks, I still can't compile it, having some problems with links, I think my compiler has a problem. What compiler did you use?
typing games hat gesagt…
thank you very usefull