Two Marker Tracking (using a webcam and AS3)

Additional Package

Being told that it would be a great idea to track two markers having an 'engine' for two players, I changed the code from Simple Marker Tracking accordingly.

Now the positions of two markers (the marker with one point and the one with the big white square) are tracked, and you can navigate two footballs with them. I programmed a far too simple collision detection for that.

Tracking of Two Markers in ActionScript 3 [01:27]

Source Code or use this link

Start the program directly in your browser:

Alternatively, you might use this link



haseeb ahmed hat gesagt…
thanks for sharing knowledge. its extremely helpful.
few questions..
1- is it possible to get scaling data from marker?
2- is it possible to get rotation data from marker? ( orientation )

i can see, scaling is slightly easy to manage. but orientation is real problem. if its solved. then its like complete AR solution. which works fast. currently biggest issue with open source AR frameworks is, they are slow for mobile processors. if by any means, you had a chance to solve this and would share your knowledge in similar fashion, it would be great help. huge thanks again for previous efforts..